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Beckon the moon in blood-ſhedding rituals
Conceiue the ſelenic dream vvhich empales blood
The moon, eclipſed bi eldritch horrors
Vnſightli in their grand beneuolence

Do iou ſcent the beaſt in all of vs, preiing vpon our humaniti, vvaiting the coniunction to ſubiugate our bodies to its vvill?

The fluid oozes, reiected for its vſeleſsneſs
The Great One loſes its ſcion to cauſaliti
Thei reach for a ſurrogate immaculate and create a hiſteric conception

Make contact vvith the coſmos, and prai this be the vvaking vvorld
Surreptitious toilings bi tuuilight maſk the dreamlands aboue

Sanguine ebrieti ſhepherds the populace
Tales of mourning and loſs vaniſh in the æther
Theſe beaſts are not vvhat thei ſeem vnder the ſuuaiing ſhadouus of theſe ſpires

Grant vs eies! Grant vs eies!

The ſerum impregnates a chosen vvomb vvith bloodborne dregs
VVhen the lune ends and the bodies are burnt, iou’ll auuaken bi dauun aneuu


from Mēnſis, released November 24, 2016



all rights reserved


vod Fermont, Québec

bass-only metal experimentation from the frostbitten lands of Quebec

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